A r t i s t s
Worth Proffitt - trap drums, cymbals, shakers, gourds, rattles, bells, trombone, harmonica, damaru, guitar (track 7), rainstick, diddley bow, wooden agogo bell

Tim Reynolds - electric and acoustic guitars, violin (track 5), chimes, bells, tambourines, Tibetan bowl, Peruvian clay flute, bass drum, triangles, slit drum

Michael Sokolowski - acoustic and electric pianos, synthesizers, bells, chimes, cymbals, wasamba, bass drum, triangles, bubblegum shaker, violin (track 10), xylophone, shakere, voice


T r a c k   L i s t i n g
Process Zone
Pass By
Sun Spot
Black Air
Timeline Continued
Molecular Dreaming

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"spooky ambience, space jam tension, group meditation and a beautiful musical performance art experiment" Cripsy Duck's "Duck's Picks"

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